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Southern Drones Max 25 (Custom Vulcan Frame Build)

This is the Max 25, a custom Vulcan frame designed to operate at maximum weight of up to 25kg.

Benefits :

- Operate this frame under sub 25 kg category.

- Higher max weight means you can carry a heavy high-end DSLR AND stay airborne for up to 40 minutes.

Price :

Basic frame including assembly, motors, props, battteries, A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 for $11 000.
Add your choice of Ronin MX or Gremsy Gimbal for $3 300.

Free configuration and delivery Australia wide.

Want something that's not listed ? Contact us and we will see if we can get what you want to you as a rental.

or phone us at 0466 833 407 to discuss your requirements