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Asset Inspections

Southern Drones offers low cost, safe and efficient methods to inspect assets such as towers, aerials, wind turbines, bridges, water towers, antennaes and roofs.

We use drones with high quality zoom lenses for inspection work, allowing high quality footage and photos while ensuring a safe distance from structures.

We can also provide Infra-red inspection capability for inspection of solar farms, pipelines, roofs, etc.

Southern Drones can provide inspection services country-wide. Please give us a call any time to discuss your needs.

Southern Drones' remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) are safe and efficient and can save you time and money. We offer all services traditionally offered by remotely piloted aircraft including aerial photography and filming, structure and building inspections and mapping work.


A sample clip showing a DJI Matrice 210 with Z30 inspection powerline

Example of a photo taken from 20m distance (12x zoom lens). Click photo to open full size zoomable copy in a new window.

Powerline Inspection@ 20m, 9x zoom

Powerline Inspection @20m, 30x zoom

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections



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